Training Response Network Inc. provides e-Training Courses for K–12 major city school systems. Customers include Miami-Dade Schools, a 480-school district serving more than 500,000 students, teachers and administrative individuals. From fundamental courses to required safety procedures, TRN delivers custom training and ed-tech solutions critical to school districts no matter the size.

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Training Response Network Inc. provides e-Learning, e-Training Course Curriculum and Technology Solutions to higher education institutions wishing to meet federally mandated legal compliance requirements and/or those seeking competitive-edge online course curriculum design. Customers include University of Southern California (USC), the world-renowned private research institution, and Norwich University, the second oldest military college in the United States and the leader in online programs for undergraduate and graduate degree programs for all United States Army Special Forces.

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Via its law enforcement site www.Policecommunity.com, Training Response Network Inc. currently serves more than 20,000 professional police officers across the nation in agencies, universities and K-12 institutions ranging in size from as few as 7 to as much as 3,000 staff personnel. TRN’s mobile training delivers consistency of curriculum from officer to officer (no guesswork), tremendous cost savings and easy-to-use “foolproof” training methods.

Reports on officer's completion are captured to provide validation of learning. Reports are automatically e-mailed or can be pulled on-demand.

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Training Response Network Inc. develops employee-based e-Training for corporations of all sizes with general or custom/specific training needs. Corporate policies, new product information, message consistency, sales team prep, skills practice—no matter the objective, we’ve got you covered. Whether the training takes place at the office or on the road, TRN optimizes the learning experience, resulting in substantial customer support cost savings.

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TRN provides multi-platform access. We make training easy!